Thank you!


It's official — I am the Senator-elect for District 42. I am grateful to you for your support that enabled us to win this race, and I'm humbled to have the opportunity to be your voice at the Capitol. Read More »

Here's what to do the next 36 hours

Elena Parent
The Parent Press

The election is TOMORROW. I know I''m not the only one who can't believe it's finally here. Georgia has a tremendous opportunity to make history tomorrow and show the nation and world we're ready to be a leader again. And I can't wait. Read More »

Campaign heats back up, Operations Task Force, and more

Elena Parent
The Parent Press

It's September and our general election campaign is heating up. I've been attending many events all over District 42, talking to voters about my vision for Georgia and improving our state's government. Read More »

Runoff elections are tomorrow — July 22. Don't forget to vote!

Elena Parent

Runoff elections are tomorrow!

Please make sure to exercise your right to vote tomorrow, July 22. Tomorrow's election decides some races that will have a huge impact on our area. Read More »

We did it!

Elena Parent

The results are in, and I am elated to announce that I won last night's Democratic primary for State Senate District 42! Read More »