As the mother of two young children, Elena Parent believes nothing is more important than ensuring children are able to reach their full potential by ensuring that every child gets a quality education. In the State House, Elena voted against the Republican cuts to education, and in the Senate she will fight to restore the cuts, make sure every child is in school a full 180 days, fully fund early childhood education, and invest more in K-12 schools.


Elena Parent believes that affordable, quality healthcare should be accessible for all Americans. As the Executive Director of Georgia Watch, Elena has worked tirelessly to educate Georgians about their healthcare options. In the Senate, she'll take on the Republicans who have refused to expand Medicaid. Elena will lead the fight to ensure more working Georgians have access to basic healthcare coverage.

Reproductive Rights

Elena Parent is one hundred-percent pro-choice. As a State Representative, she led the fight against an extreme bill banning all abortions, regardless of circumstances, after twenty weeks. And in the State Senate, she will fight the extremists in the legislature who want to put politicians between women and their doctors.

Progressive Values

Elena Parent is a proud Democrat who will be a strong voice for progressive values in the State Senate. She is one-hundred percent pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, supports common sense gun safety reform, and wants to limit corporate contributions to political campaigns.


Elena Parent is a strong believer in equality. As a State Representative, she sponsored the bill to stop discrimination in the workplace. And in the Senate, she will be a strong voice on the issue of marriage equality.

As a working mom, Elena Parent knows the challenges families face. In the State Senate, she will fight to ensure women are paid the same as men for the same job, will fight to make child care more affordable, and support paid sick time so families staying home with a sick child don't lose a day's pay.

Minimum Wage

Elena Parent is a strong supporter of raising the minimum wage. She believes it is immoral that some who work full-time - including caregivers for seniors and children - live below the poverty level. In the Senate, she'll fight to ensure that those who work full time are able to earn a living wage.


Elena Parent believes we must protect our environment. In the State House, she helped kill legislation that would have let big corporations pollute Georgia's rivers. And as a consumer advocate, she's worked to make solar energy more accessible to give consumers more environmentally friendly and economical energy options.

Elena has also worked to ban the use of BPA - a toxic plastic additive found in toys that can lead to cancer in children. In the State Senate, she'll always be a watchdog for children and families.


As State Senator, Elena Parent will focus on creating jobs and growing the local economy. She believes the tax code and economy should be fairer for the middle class instead of just giving all the breaks to big corporations who don't need it. She will help cut taxes for middle class families and small businesses, and boost education funding to help grow Georgia's economy.