Legislative Update and Town Hall Announcement

Senator Elena Parent
The Parent Press

January 9th marked the opening of this year's legislative session, which lasts 40 legislative days.

What's on tap for this session? Read on...


Did you know Georgia has the fewest competitive legislative races in the nation, despite being an increasingly competitive state from a partisan perspective? Did you know that legislators get to draw their own districts, which allows them to pick the people who vote for them and intentionally disadvantage voters from the minority party?

That's the process we call "redistricting" and I've got a plan to fix it by turning the once-every-decade process of drawing legislative districts over to an independent commission less influenced by partisan politics. Until we have more fair districts, the extreme polarization and gridlock we see in our governments will continue. Check out more details in this news article.

Campus Carry!

It's coming back. Even though poll after poll show that Georgians (including the Governor) don't want it, Republicans announced plans to push for it again this session.

I'll share the bill with you as soon as it is filed, but I plan to fight against just like I did last year — with success. (You can watch my speech - just click the photo.)

Women's March on Washington!

I had the honor and distinct pleasure of attending the Women's March on Washington on Saturday, where I marched with my mother, sisters, cousins, many friends and over 500,000 other people determined to make our voices heard that we oppose the new administration's divisive rhetoric and "alternative facts." In Atlanta, 63,000 marched, including many of you. This outpouring was cathartic and inspiring; now that the world is watching, we need to stay involved and make a difference. See below for ways to do so.

Legal, but predatory, loans ripple across Georgia

There is a current practice in Georgia where companies send out checks to people they know are in financial distress, and when they cash that check that are stuck in a high-interest loan contract that they can't pay back. It is is totally legal. Find out more in this television report.

I have a plan to fix this problem. Watch this space.

What You Can Do.

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Want to get the latest on what's happening at the Capitol? Attend my town hall, details below.

Town Hall!

Want to to find out more about what's going on this session? Come to my Town Hall! Here's all the info:

When: Thursday, February 9th, from 6:30-8:00 PM

Where: Central DeKalb Senior Center, 1346 McConnell Dr, Decatur, GA 30033, USA (map)

We need your input, your thoughts, and your ideas! Please contact us at our office at the Capitol, by phone, or by email.